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Be Energised

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Have You Fallen Out of Love

with Your Body?

Think it's too late to improve your health? 

Have you struggled to lose excess weight?

Are you low on energy?

Unsure which healthy habits you should embrace?

Does the thought of exercising stop you in your tracks?

Has stress got the better of you for far too long?

It's not too late, a healthy lifestyle and body you love is possible.


Find out how.

You're Not Alone

Did you know it's reported that over 95% of the world's population doesn't lead a healthy lifestyle?


In 2010, I faced up to reality. Like you, I had joined the 95%.

At the age of sixty, I reached a point where I no longer felt comfortable in my body, I had gained excess weight, was stressed to the max and my blood pressure was at an all time high.

But that all changed. And it can for you too.

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"Delighted with myself that after just 21 days I've lost 7 pounds! 


The power of making a decision to change and sticking with it. 

I didn't have the confidence but now I do. Thank you Gertraud for being part of my journey in stepping out and loving me


—  Jackie Scarlett

How Life Begins at Change Can Help You

Living well starts with your health. Discover nutritional supplements, designed with nature and science combined, to improve your wellness.

Want to truly love your body? Embrace the approach of 'Cleanse— Balance—Build' to transform your body in 90 days.

Join a community who, in 21 days, feel happier and healthier as they adopt healthy habits, boost their energy and lose weight.

Here's How It Works


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We'll discuss the challenges you desire to overcome and create a plan to improve your health and body.


Love your body.

Enjoy a healthier lifestyle — a healthy new you — that you can sustain and really love.

It's Time You Take Back Control

Feeling good and loving your body is possible at any stage of life—you have the control. 


Make a change today.

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