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Transforming Your Life One Change at a Time

How discovering a healthier lifestyle can turn your life around.

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Gertraud Walters

I was born at the perfect time smack bang in the middle of the 20th century, June 1950, to parents in a small village in Germany.  I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother and grandmother, but most importantly I am Gertraud - “Strong Spear” -  a name which has carved out my life’s journey. I am a Warrior, Fighter and Overcomer, a Spear skillfully used to Make Life Better.

Meet Your Guide

Transforming The Way I Live

Having reached my sixties in 2010, life and my health didn’t look the way I had envisaged.  So, I identified the problems and worked to implement solutions which were achieved by never, ever giving up. Never think of failing. Meet each challenge with a solution, knowing that deep within me lies the potential to overcome again and again. Period.

What I Used

  • Unicity Balance

  • Unicity Cleanse

  • Unicity Complete

  • Unicity Super Green

  • Unicity Matcha


  • Run-Walk-Run

  • Unicity 90-Day Transformation Challenge

  • GetFit21 Challenge

  • Transform U with a Turbo Week

My Stats

My Story

The alarm sounded in June 2010, I was stressed to the limit, with a high blood pressure of 218/113 and heading for an  imminent stroke according to my doctor. To add icing to the cake, it was the month I celebrated my 60th birthday and I was uncomfortably 32 pounds overweight.  I had reached a point where I’d most certainly lost my “joie de vivre”, it was clear to me that I had to take radical action.


In my defence (because there’s always a reason, right?), the trigger that lead me to that moment was a disastrous one—we all have our own tragic stories, don’t we?  My husband and I lost our life’s work back in 2008/2009 and it was up to me to decide whether to fall victim to our situation or choose to make it better.


It took me two years of constant battles with myself to pull me from the depths of the hole I found myself in. I made some progress. But, then, fell back again.  That’s an awful feeling, isn’t it? To succeed and then lose, especially knowing that you had it in you to maintain what you had achieved.


What’s left is CHANGE.

September 2012 marked the beginning of  introducing nutritional supplements Unicity Balance and Unicity Cleanse to my diet, half-heartedly, I must admit.  Almost exactly a year later in September 2013, the turning point came,  the seeds of transformation were planted when I added Unicity Complete to my daily routine, and in November 2013 I slowly started to climb out of the hole.  


I recorded a new weight of 149 pounds and a blood pressure of 160/90.  This was a massive achievement, validating that small consistent adjustments and never giving up are the keys to long-term better health. It was exhilarating to finally have evidence that what I was doing was working!  And, it didn’t stop there. In June 2014 on my 64th birthday, I tipped another record weight of 145 pounds and a blood pressure of 148/85. YES!  


In October 2014 I began my ultimate 90-Day Transformation Challenge—a program unique to Unicity USA to help individuals achieve their best health, emphasis being on health, not just weight loss—working with a Unicity-trained personal health coach to finally achieve my biggest goals. I did.  I lost a further 9 pounds and shaved 7 inches off my waist. I truly felt better in my body than I’d felt my entire life; and this feeling led me to developing my own ‘Transform U’ program.


My energy is through the roof almost on a daily basis, I regained my “joie de vivre”. I run marathons, using the Run Walk Run method, at the ripe age of 68+ and what I am most passionate about, I assist like minded people on their journey to a healthy new life. I truly believe our passion is best spent on doing the things we love, not avoiding the things we don’t.


I chose to create a healthier version of me, because I stuck to it, even when I didn’t want to, I can now help you make choosing YOU easy too.  My story is one I hold dear. And today, I’m fully committed to make life better. For me. For you. For anyone ready to take on their own health and make it their priority again.


The old adage “the best is yet to come” is the absolute and verifiable truth. It’s never too late to TRANSFORM U!


I do what I do because I believe.

I believe in myself.

I believe in you.

You too can make a change today.

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