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Vorsprung durch Wissenschaft

Since a serious health scare in 2010 I searched and found my way back to excellent health by looking for alternative ways to traditional medication. Let me put my disclaimer in now - whilst I do not deny the important role of traditional medicine, I disagree with the all too common application of there is a pill for every small illness. There seems to be a reluctance to admit that we now live in the 21st century and we are a long way from the 1950's (when I was born). Research is proving time after time that we have moved ahead through 'Vorsprung durch Wissenschaft' - 'Advancement through Science'.

Have you ever heard of Audi? Who hasn't?

"AUDI CELEBRATES 40 YEARS OF 'VORSPRUNG DURCH TECHNIK'' is an article published by Autoblog (see Reference 1) in 2011.

"Forty years ago, the slogan "Vorsprung durch Technik" was used by Audi as part of a campaign to gain publicity in Germany. In 1983, British advertising agency BBH used the term in a spot for Audi's United Kingdom-based advertising arm. The German phrase means "Advancement through Technology," and those three words have come to serve as the automaker's motto.

'Vorsprung durch Technik' tagline, is synonymous with Audi values of quality and exclusivity of their brand. It was was first used by the brand in Germany in 1971."

Back to my serious health scare. I was a 'walking dead' with a blood pressure of 218/113. Of course, I went to my doctor but his threat of an imminent stroke and failing to subscribe to a lifetime of pills, created an immediate challenge to my thinking of "how dare he predict my future?" And thus commenced my journey of not all is lost. I realised the truth in the famous Mahatma Gandhi quote, 'it is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver'.

I found a most precious gem, well polished, shining brilliantly which reversed my 'walking dead' state to an unrecognisable healthy new me through Unicity International.

In Spring 2017, on one of my very long runs from Potters Bar to Finchley East (a return journey of 32K), I came across another one of Audi's ever so brilliant campaigns for their Audi Q2 - #Untaggable.

Similar to Audi, (it would take a German to use this comparison, wouldn't it?) Unicity International's vision employed Science and breakthrough innovation to become a World Leader in metabolic Health and Fitness. To me it surely deserves the same accolade - #Untaggable.

#Untaggable is the consequence of a vision that indeed has captured the potential to Make Life Better through Vorsprung durch Wissenschaft - Advancement through Science.

The 8 Pillars of Unicity Science are the platform for pushing the frontiers of innovation in many different directions. Unicity keeps abreast of the latest technologies to ensure that their products contain cutting-edge ingredients that solve real world problems and help change the lives of their customers (see Reference 2).

I am passionately on a mission to let people know that it's not too late to:

  • Restore hope that we can live a much better life as we grow older

  • That you're never too old or young to improve your life's quality

  • It's never too late to 'Fix It'

And really, that's all that matters, you can make a choice and surprise yourself at how your life can change, one moment, one step, and one day at a time. You too can be #Untaggable.

So, what's stopping you?




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