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Day 24,837 of my life.

Day 24,837 of my life, a special day, a special day indeed. "If you have the courage to start you have the courage to succeed." - Mel Robbins

What a life, a glorious life, a life of ups and downs, seasons of grief, seasons of fears, seasons of much, seasons of little and then seasons of unimaginable peace that you're again living the life you love. At times it was hidden in darkness, turmoil and confusion. Other times it was sheer joy, happiness and fun. And then it was quiet determination, pushing forward and climbing upwards. A time of realising that fear could no longer hold you back.

Figuring out how to overcome resistance whenever it reared it's head, in the knowledge that ultimately you would overcome and bag another win.

I am living a life like no other, but yet a life that can easily be lived by many. We all have our own stories, the difference may be that not everyone writes their own. And we can learn from the great stories that have been lived and written by many. Great stories that were told, but the lack of belief and the fear of failing could have held you back.

You call yourself a loser and that's what happens, call yourself an winner and you surely will. The moment you make a decision that enough is enough and act on it you start moving forward. You remember the dreams you had, then suddenly realise that you have lived some of them already, you were just too preoccupied chasing some other big ones.

So today I look back with gratitude on the innumerable good days of my life, where as a child I grew up in a little village on the mighty river Rhine, where my love for water was born. I can recollect many special events and tell the stories how I learned to swim in that river, and of how in the winter of 1962-1963 I walked with my family across the frozen river. Endless walks along the river beds, camping on a small riverbank in the middle of the waters.

The story, that my lifelong dream of having my own big swimming pool became a reality when my husband and I had a home in Jamaica right on the beach and a pool. Double blessings. Happy times with much food, fun and family. Times where I could recharge from the stress and hectic lifestyle in London.

And finally the story of how we moved yet again to another country, with plenty of water around us. This is a new season and I'm sure that there'll be some new stories soon.

This brings me to Tuesday 5th June 2018, I have learned and conquered fear, delighting myself daily with an attitude that I need to maintain what I have attained. Despite missing my family in England, I live what I preach... 'Life begins at Change' and embrace every new morning. This is the best so far and I know there is better to come. A special day, a special day indeed.

#LifeBeginsatChange #HappyBirthday

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