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Getting stuck?

Do you know the feeling? I'm sure every one of us got stuck somewhere along life's path. And last night and this morning was my time to really become stuck.

Ifs, buts, when's, never going to happen, what's the point, too old for this, I could carry on with the excuses which were occupying my mind.

And then a trigger whispered, but you know how to get unstuck.

And this time it arrived in the form of a most beautiful card sent by a dear Facebook friend from across the pond. Perfect timing. Good old fashioned (non social media) encouragement, right on time.

The moral of the story is, to never ever get cornered by your thoughts to the extent that you start giving them too much of your time. Instead, remind yourself that you've been there before and you're not going down this old muddy road again.

Just unstick yourself, and go flying, running, creating, inspiring yourself and others to Make Life Better.

A massive 'Thanks' to my friend Ilka, you hit bulls eye.


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