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When you know what you know

When you know you should write your thoughts down and you don't.

When you go through a week of tears triggered by memories of the past and moments of the now.

When you're about to uproot your life in a season when you should be settling down.

When you know that the vacuum you're living in has to be pierced for you to exhale.

When you continue on a path without even thinking that maybe it might not work out.

When you don't give time to listen to the opinions of others because that's just what they are.

When you tie your running shoes in the morning no matter what is awaiting you outside.

When you know that the facts presenting themselves are not the truth.

When you know that despite of everything, inside of you the still small voice is propelling you on.

When you know what you know and what you do not know.

Then the knowing is irrelevant because what you know has already set you free.

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