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Dream - Dare - Do, my 3 words for 2019

Dream, Dare, Do my 3 words for 2019, is a ritual I personally use at the beginning of each new year since 2016. This is not a New Years resolution, but a guide navigating me throughout the year. Why Dream - Dare - Do I can hear you ask? The answer is simple.

Whilst visiting London and it's famously unfinished Spurs football stadium recently I was reminded by their slogan 'To dare is to do' to go back to a new beginning again. Needless to say that my grandson's dreams of becoming a Premier Ship footballer played a big part in this. By June 2019 I will enter my 70th year, to say I'm excited about this is an understatement. And by no way am I done yet. There are simply too many horizons to discover, mountains to be climbed, miles to be run and dare I say footballs to be kicked for me to settle down.

DREAM - I believe in dreams, they have served me well and have always kept my hopes alive. Don't ever think that I come up with never ending dreams or too many to even remember? I don't talk about them in public unless there is a genuine message to be delivered. The ones I remember have always had a great impact on me, they were never to be shelved but to be worked through. Real dreams provoke meditation, lead to interpretation, revelation, vision, action and finally manifestation.

DARE - I pick the positive meaning of dare, be brave enough, take the risk, venture, have the courage be bold and conquer again. Why would I at this time of my live embrace these attributes? Simple, I have children and grandchildren for whom I want to leave an inheritance, not only financially, but for them to know that our God given life ought to be a life where we defend the enemy for the good to always be victorious. A life of love, compassion, inspiration, courage, healing, peace, reconciliation, and integrity. Dare I say a book needs to be written?

DO - How do I do it? Going on the offensive again, not taking no for an answer, keeping my faith, doing what I know is right and never ever give up. There are promises I need to claim which takes enormous guts to do, the same as promises I need to keep to retain my transparency and integrity. It could mean to change my direction and follow a new path in some areas of my life, but than this is what I live by. Life begins at Change.

#enjoylifeagain #Dream #Dare #Do #besttimeofyourlife

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