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New Beginnings

"Every day is a new beginning, another chance to change your life" - a mantra that confirms the philosophy that life begins at change indeed. Imagine you can start afresh every morning, leaving yesterday where it belongs. You can't undo yesterday but you can invoke a new beginning today.

Of course this is easier said than done. As the sun rises in all it's glory so does the darkness. To celebrate new beginnings you must be prepared for a struggle, a daily fight, until you get up not even considering that you would not be greeted by a new beginning each morning.

Age doesn't come into this. We are exposed from day one to different upbringings and as we grow up we develop according to our environment, establishing daily habits until they become automatic. Do you ever waste time thinking about brushing your teeth? Or just in case you forget to do this one morning, would that be the end of you brushing your teeth? As we become of age and live our life we'll certainly experience defining moments of deliberate choice making. Moments of discovering that within us lies a giant of potential for the good or not so good.

All too often the choices we make are a reaction and not a response. You find yourself regretting some choices you made because you didn't think it through, as we're all looking for instant gratification.

21st century thinking and living is so advanced and fast that even the best have no chance to survive unless they are in control of their brain chatter - it's fast and furious condemning us to not succeed. You need to realise and dig deep to get rid of this destroying habit, chatter, which incessantly endorses that you're never going to be your true self.

Stop looking in the mirror and singing this song* without waiting for the answer.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Tell me what I'm looking for

Look into my eyes and see

Tell me who (what) it's gonna be

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Tell me what I'm looking for

I gotta' know, I needa' know, I gotta' know.

So instead of getting lost in the noise of life, stop yourself for a moment and start moving forward. How do I do that? I hear you ask.

Stand still, arrest your thoughts and look for a new beginning. Develop a small habit of encouraging yourself, daring fear to leave you alone. When you make that first step with determination, no matter what, you'll be surprised how life unfolds in front of your eyes. What you see in the mirror may be not what you like now but new beginnings come from deep within and they will change your perception of who you really are.

Make a start by encouraging yourself every morning "nothing can stop me, I'm moving forward and leaving yesterday behind" and off you go, believing and receiving your new beginning.

And then there is one for the evening too... "this was a good day and I'm not taking tomorrow to bed with me."

*Ref: Song by Solid Base

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