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3 Ways to Cook Channa in Under One Hour

I have always, maybe not always but certainly since the mid 70's, been a lover of Indian food. My good friend Kanta A taught me how to prepare some basic dishes at her home - needless to say that her medium spiced food recipes still made me run for water! Of course being married to a Jamaican and living there from time to time I also embraced their extra delicious cuisine. Enough said.

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Fast forward 40 years I now eat, dare I say, healthier but exotic dishes are still part of my daily menu. An all time favourite, which I love for it's protein value, is Channa - I call it 'King of the Chickpeas'. I prepare it on a regular basis making sure that I can freeze a couple of portions before it gets eaten. And I'm quite proud when I take this dish to friends to share and they ask me "can I have the recipe?"

The Channa above by Serious Eats is my favourite, I used all organic spices and it went down a treat. The preparation time is 50 minutes, so if you're in more of a hurry you need to scroll down to the next recipe. A little trick... I soaked the chickpeas from the night before.

Coming down to 30 minutes cooking time, head over to Minimalist Baker. I'm going to have a go at this one myself and maybe if you ever get to Oslo in Norway, or if you do live there, you ought to check out the restaurant Mother India itself, it looks like they're still in business. Might entice me to visit my sister in Norway who doesn't live too far from Oslo 😎.

In case you have only 20 minutes to get your meal on the table head over to Simple Healthy Kitchen, a vegan, naturally gluten-free dish.

It's also fun to read the stories that go with each recipe, you can learn so many new things each time.

Have a good 'channa' time!

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