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Blisters are only Battle Scars

This was my winners reward a couple of weeks ago after a 25K training run.

It looked enticing yet I only managed to eat one of the buns, but the #UnicityComplete vanilla protein shake, with strong black coffee, went down a treat. And then I went for a well deserved rest. That's what you do, or at least what I do, after bagging another win!

But "it wasn't a race?" I hear you ask. You're right, it wasn't a race so to speak, yet it was my race. Every time I step out I compete against myself. And with every step I take I win against the chatter in my head until it's covered in defeat.

I had to dig deep and despite the wind and the hills, I met the target, I felt strong, I had good nutrition during the run, the weather eventually lost its power, and finally it felt like everything was coming together. But afterwards, to my surprise, I had blisters, especially on my left foot. Very first time. The blisters were my battle scars.

Little did I know, this 25k run, was the beginning of a comeback, returning to myself after sickness, renewing the strength and resilience in my mind and body. Since then the days have passed leaving me amazed at the harvest I am reaping. This harvest is called consistency, small daily habits—no matter what.

"The comeback is always stronger than the setback", something I came across on Instagram and used as inspiration when I wasn't doing too well, I used it to get me back on track and how true it has proved to be.

A runner's story sounds similar to life, doesn't it? Setbacks. And comebacks. I am indeed a runner, in life and literally. I've faced despair, lost battles, been weary of the constant fight against the unseen enemy - resistance.

Resistance is certainly not easy to overcome, I've often had to remind myself that I am unique and powerful beyond measure, my trademarks of courage, loyalty, forgiveness and above all unconditional love have helped me push through. I've honed these qualities over nearly seven decades of my life, and today I still consider myself a work in progress. Whilst the victories have been far greater than the lost battles, the battles have helped nurture my attitude of overcoming any obstacle that presents itself.

You have to make a start at some point of time, it doesn't matter when, I'm proof age is not a deterrent. The past, the blisters—the battle scars, can't hold or define you, what matters is the now, because the now is shaping your future.

Aim to comeback stronger. And when you're ready, in life or literally, come run with me... #RunWalkWithCoachGertraud.

#UnicityComplete #enjoylifeagain

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