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A New Chapter

Morgan Harper Nichols

Over the hills she climbed to open a new chapter of her life.

It’s true to say that after every mountain top experience there must come a descent. Have you ever found yourself surprised at how hard the descent hits you? Ever experienced the feeling of not wanting to go forward because the next mountain before your eyes appears to be far greater than anything you conquered before?

Seven days after completing the London Marathon, it’s fair to say, I have lived a week feeling an array of emotions as well as aches and pains. I’m smiling as I write this despite not feeling on top of the world—that moment left me when I awoke on Monday morning with a body that literally felt it had ran 26.2 miles and then some more!

Today, to the contrary, the feeling is more sombre, yet it’s one I know I have to shrug off—you see, feelings come and go and whilst I have learned to no longer live my life through the euphoria of feelings, I got caught out.

So, I’m grateful for the message a good friend Burma sent to me which reminded me that I have chosen my path and have made myself dependent on God’s word:

‘You are on the path of my choosing, there is no randomness about your life. Here and now comprise the coordinates of your daily life. Most people let their moments slip through their fingers half lived. They avoid the presence by worrying about their future or longing for a better time or place. They forget that they are subject to the limitations of time and space. They forget their creator who only walks with them in the present.’ (St.Luke 12)

I wonder, have you ever considered that you are the creator of your life? You’re making plans, setting goals, and strategies to succeed in life, and then the hollowness of success seems to defeat you.

Trust me, at this moment of time you must remember and acknowledge that where you’re standing is exactly where your feet took you. No one else brought you to this place. Know that within you there lies the power to manifest the real potential of who you are. You need to stand in the power of humility and surrender in order to defeat the hollow moments and go back to your path in God’s plan.

On Sunday 28th April 2019, the London Marathon was my victory lap. Leading up to the day, muscle spasms and an onset of gout attempted to keep me from being on the starting line. But I made it.

I would like to express my thanks firstly to God, my family and friends who have and are still cheering me on. A special thanks to my friend Claire Skeete with her incredible touch for wellbeing, and Ian Lewis Davies at the Fitness Clinic Berkshire who literally put me back together the week before the Marathon. It was an effort not just my own and we made it.

In a few weeks time on my 69th birthday I’ll immerse myself into my 70th year on this beautiful planet earth and I’m going to write and run the next chapter of life with as much passion as before, working towards and enjoying the journey of running half marathons— my new challenge, which I believe will be my sweet spot, and allow me to run faster times.

Until then I’m going to be thankful for the mountains, the falls and the story I now have to tell.

*Quote by Morgan Harper Nichols

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